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Get help with a problem in my neighborhood?

Neighborhood Services

The City of Salinas is a great place to live and work, but like all communities, there are times when problems occur which affect our ability to enjoy where we live. To aid the citizens of our community when such problems arise, the Salinas City Council has developed the ...

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Find the Library's hours?

Salinas Public Library

You can find the hours of the three main libraries here:

John Steinbeck Library, 350 Lincoln Avenue, Salinas, CA 93901 • (831) 758-7311

Cesar Chavez Library, 615 Williams Road, Salinas, CA 93905 • (831) 758-7345...

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Find my lost pet?

Animal Services

If your dog or cat is lost start looking IMMEDIATELY! Text 831LOST to 56525 for proven tips to help you locate your pet and file a lost pet form. You'll also be reminded with a text link to the pets currently in our shelter.

Don’t wait for your pet...

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Find after school activities?

Recreation Programs

The City partners with local school districts to offer several different after school programs. You can find out more on the After School Programs page.

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Report a damaged or broken streetlight?

PW Maintenance Services

To report damage to streetlights call (831) 758-7989.

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Know when I need a building permit?

Permit Center

The following handout will help guide you in making the decision if you need a permit to start the work you have planned. When Do I Need a Permit?

You can find more information about Building Codes...

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Start a Neighborhood Watch group?

Neighborhood Services

Neighborhood Services, in collaboration with Salinas Police Department, coordinates Neighborhood Watch Groups. It not only breaks down the barriers and brings neighbors together, but it has proven to reduce crime in an area.

Visit SPD Neighborhood Watch for more information.

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Check the current Sidewalk Repair Priority List?

PW Maintenance Services

If you would like to know if a certain sidewalk is waiting for repair, download the current Sidewalk Repair Priority List . The repair list is organized by street address and name.

You can find information about the 50/50 Sidewalk Repair Program here.

To request...

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Find a City employee's salary?

Human Resources

The City's classification and salary schedule can be found here: City of Salinas Classification/Salary Schedule

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