Salinas Youth Completes Grizzly Youth Academy with Honors

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News Date: 
July 12, 2017

We are pleased to announce that with support from the City of Salinas Street Outreach Team, Abram Martinez graduated with honors and his high school diploma from the  Grizzly Academy in June. The new Salinas Street Outreach Team is focused on identifying youth most at risk of committing or becoming victim to a violent crime. This relationship based mentor style work has only been in the cities Community Safety Division for under a year. One of the programs we make referrals to is the Grizzly Youth Academy, a rigorous 6 month residential military style program aimed at improving lifestyle choices of young men and woman ages 16-18. The six month boot camp and educational academy is complimented by a year long mentorship. The admissions process is rigorous and many of those admitted drop-out. Abram plans on going to Hartnell College and eventually joining the Marines.