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Sherwood Recreation Center

Project Location:

Sherwood Recreation Center Building at 920 North Main Street

Project Description:

The Sherwood Recreation Center Swimming Pool Building Retrofit Project (CIP No. 9535) calls to remodel the old pool building into a recreational sports facility. The scope of work for the base bid of this Phase 1 project includes the demolition/removal of the existing swimming pool deck and the top 18” of vertical pool wall; fracturing of the existing pool bottom; structural backfill of the existing pool; construction of new reinforced concrete slab; minor ADA upgrades in the restroom areas; and installation of new emergency exit door mechanisms.

Project Update:

Construction will resume on Monday, October 9th. Work will include demolition of the interior of what used to be the men's room. This room will be converted into a dressing room, showers and restroom facilities. The room that used to be the women's room will be converted into a multi-purpose room.

Project is 95% complete. Ribbon cutting ceremony date TBD.

Project Cost / Budget:

Funding for this project includes $350,000 from Community Development Block Grant Funds (CDBG), and $100,000 from Measure G Funds for a total budget of $450,000 for design and construction costs.