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Climate Adaptation Planning

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In accordance with California’s Global Warming Solutions Act, established through Assembly Bill 32, the City of Salinas adopted the U. N. Environmental Accords, as well as the Mayors’ Climate Action Plan that establish a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions citywide to 1990 levels by the year 2020.

While California is recognized as a leader in the enactment of green policies, the City of Salinas continues to strive beyond the mandatory requirements as it sets up new initiatives towards a clean energy future. Salinas residents can take pride in the assurance that its City is a leader in the environmental effort for cleaner, more efficient energy use.

One example of the City’s leadership is its installation of a solar panel ‘farm” at its Animal Shelter property on Hitchcock Road. This project is providing energy for treating agricultural wash-water and reclaiming this waste water for agricultural and other uses. The Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency that is treating this water is now able to use renewable energy to pump water to their Marina plant; reduce greenhouse gas emissions that would have otherwise been generated; gain cost predictability; and lower energy operating costs. The City of Salinas also benefits from these cost reductions as well as from a land-lease arrangement.