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  • Street Sweeper moving away, around a corner
  • New white streetsweeper

Street sweeping provides cleaning of City streets to maintain a clean environment for residents and to remove debris, trash, and pollutants before they enter the storm drains that lead to local waterways.
New sweeping routes were implemented in October of 2017. The entire street sweeping program is currently under revision. New street sweeping routes have been developed to increase sweeping efficiency, potentially increase curb miles swept in conjunction with the new “No Parking on street sweeping days” signage program, and ensure efficient manpower usage. The new routes have been designed to maintain a bi-weekly sweeping schedule for residential sweeping routes and weekly sweeping routes for commercial and industrial areas. 

The City is working to evaluate the new sweeping routes as they relate to the trash collection routes/times to determine what the final routes will be so that the “No Parking” signage can be implemented throughout the City. 

Street Sweeping News