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Neighborhood Vibrancy/Urban Greening

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What is Urban Greening?

The Salinas Neighborhood Vibrancy – Urban Greening Program is an initiative that drives and tracks progress toward a community vision for the future of Salinas’ neighborhoods.

We are working within designated neighborhoods to develop broad, aspiration plans and goals to reach our shared neighborhood vision. Goals being considered include: Connect, Play, Create and Learn. To develop neighborhood urban designs that foster achievement of these goals, Salinas has been conducting a series of neighborhood meetings.

Salinas Listens

Salinas has been listening to what neighbors say about how they live and what they would like to see happen.  A series of neighborhood meetings, called Take-Part!, have been conducted.  In addition, Salinas has been listening to residential and business stakeholders through a series of Stakeholder Interviews.  Results from the first round of Take-Part! meetings and interviews are included in a Needs Assessment Report.

If you missed the first round of neighborhood meetings or want to provide additional comments, there is still time, but don’t wait.  We want to hear from you! 
Perhaps you want more places to play, or merely hang out and connect.  We are confident that with your help, we will shape the Salinas story anew — and build the neighborhoods of our dreams.

Thank you for your interest in the City of Salinas Urban Greening Plan process!  Your participation and comments will make this program a success and reflect how you and your neighbors live!

For more information call (831) 758-7241.


Preparation of the Urban Greening Plan was made possible through a grant provided by the State of California Natural Resource Agency, Strategic Growth Council.  The City of Salinas applied for and was awarded a Proposition 84 Grant under the State of California’s Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2006.  Among other programs, Prop. 84 authorized funding to create urban greening plans to guide and coordinate urban greening projects in local California jurisdictions.  Development and implementation of urban greening plans supports the State’s environmental goals and long-range policies; encourages efficient development patterns; promotes smart growth and social equity; and protects the State’s natural resources.