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Stormwater Education for Schools

  • 5th Grade Art Contest Winner, Be Part of the Solution NOT the Pollution by Maya

    "Be part of the solution NOT the pollution." Maya Perez, Frank Paul Elementary School

  • Water Cycle

Stormwater & Water Quality Education

Educators interested in receiving the benefit of the following school programs are encouraged to contact Heidi Niggemeyer, Salinas Stormwater Program Manager at 758-7988 or via e-mail at [email protected] (link sends e-mail) for additional information:

The following activities are provided by Save the Whales:

  1. Hands on educational programs for Salinas grades 3-12 (20-24 programs) including effectiveness evaluations, as required by the Salinas NPDES Permit.
  2. Parent engagement for educational activities related to stormwater and litter.  Save the Whales will utilize grant funds for the bulk of the program to invite parents from sixteen grade 5-6 classrooms to participate in eight outdoor field trips with students, including bus transportation.  Bilingual education will be available.
  3. College students participating in NOAA Zero Waste Week visit 12-15 classrooms to educate them about marine life and how activities on land (littering, street pollution) can reach rivers, creeks, and eventually the ocean.


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