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Recycling saves you money and keeps your environment healthy and safe.

To Start, Stop, or Change Trash & Recycling Curbside Collection Services

Republic Services of Salinas provides the City of Salinas weekly garbage, recycling, and yard waste curbside collection and hauling services. To start, stop, or change your service, please call (831) 775-3840 or visit Republic Services of Salinas.

Curbside Collection Guidelines

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) are not allowed and Large Loads / Bulky Items will not fit into curbside bins. Please continue reading to learn how to properly dispose of these unwanted items.

Disposing Items that do not go into Curbside Bins

Please, never dispose of unwanted items on streets or vacant lands. Illegal dumping is costly to our environment and community. For unwanted items that cannot be recycled or disposed through curbside collection services, please bring them to one of the Salinas Valley Recycles facilities or donate for reuse, SVR Reuse Guide.

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Who is Salinas Valley Recycles?

Salinas Valley Recycles, also known as the Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority, is a regional resource for waste reduction and recycling. As a member city, Salinas resident have access to many free services.  

Keep Families & the Community Safe!

Many household products contain chemicals that can harm your family and our water and soil when not disposed of properly. Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) are products with labels that state Toxic, Flammable, Poison, Danger, Warning, or Caution and other items that contain toxic chemicals such as used batteries, paint, or fluorescent bulbs.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) CANNOT go in the trash or recycling bins, but they are accepted for free from residential customers at the HHW Collection Facility in Salinas.

Safely Handling Hazardous Waste

Click the Links to Learn How to Properly Dispose:  

More Ideas and Resources

Low Income Seniors

Seniors may be eligible for a reduced monthly trash rate. To qualify, applications must be completed and submitted to the City Clerk’s Office

Buy Recycled! 

Did you know that when we all buy products made of recycled materials, it creates a higher demand and more incentive for recycling? Buying these products sends a message to manufacturing companies that we prefer they use recycled materials to make their products. Read tips on how to buy recycled

All the materials we recycle are made back into new goods. Watch this video demonstrating that recyclable materials can be given another life and become something new when we choose to recycle.

Food Scrap Composting at Home

Food waste makes up about 30% of the material that is land-filled in the Salinas Valley every day. Food waste is food scraps, leftovers, or trimmings and soiled paper that can be sorted from your trash, diverted from the landfill, and turned into compost and renewable energy.  Find out how this is getting done locally at Monterey Regional Waste Management District

Organics Recycling Food ScrapsCurrently, food scrap collection service is not available for residential customers, but you can still compost at home to keep organic waste out of the landfill and out of your trash. Learn how to start and maintain home composting, plus free workshops to get you started.

Buy Less Food

Did you know consumers are responsible for more wasted food than farmers, grocery stores, restaurants, or any other part of the food supply chain? In fact, 21 percent of the food each person buys goes to waste, with the average American family of four spending $1,500 per year on food that they throw away and each individual throwing away 20 pounds of food per month.

Watch this video showcasing the wondrous life cycle of food and the loss of resources when it goes unconsumed. 


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